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  3. Nothing scares me anymore

    She’s was listening to Lana Del Rey’s, Summertime Sadness. Bundled up, she walked down Broad St. wearing her latest Jackie-O sunglasses and purple trench coat. Her limper smile, although covered by her bright gold scarf, expressed a reflective mood. For even in her coldest scene, she could still california dream. 

    XOXO - Fluki

    (Title from the lyrics of Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey)

  4. becomingyiaya:

    Photographer: Barry J. Holmes


                                                                                                        -throat chakra colors


  5. My farmer is my father … He continues to teach me about fertile ground. My chef is my mother… She continue to teach me about feeding the soul. To whom responsibility is given, much is required. Listen. No, seriously listen to their words. Watch them as they speak. Face them, as the words exit from their wise hearts through thy lips.

    I fully appreciate the union I was created in. Before I found salvation, I would weep and ask why me? Why was I given parents that…, who…, and why wasn’t I given parents that were cool like the other parents.

    How blind was I? Finally at 30 years old I can over-stand and graciously appreciate the gift of being birth by this significant couple.

    Are they perfect? Am I perfect?
    The answer is not perfection but rather reflection. I am in total awe! I’ve been blessed with a man whom loves me as my farmer loves my chef. I’ve been blessed in abundance and its a direct reflection of the greatness taught by my parents.
    I will never question again.
    I shall always honor them throughout all the days of my life.

    For my Farmer and my Chef.

    With Love.




    Cebu, Phillipines

  7. the motivation for me

    is them telling me what i could not be

    oh well. 


  8. for every breath in me

    and for every breath I breathe

    i do believe

    in fact, i do believe i can do anything

    cause you are the one

    you are the air beneath my wings

    for every breath in me

    and for every breath i take



  9. cold world

    when i was eleven years old. my best friend and i were at the local 7-11. we just finished racking up on all the now and later candies and yum yum snacks. somehow between the two of us we had like twenty dollars. we spent every cent. 

    it was a cold day. we were bundled up and had bags of fun in our hands. we were all happy jolly walking down Armistead Avenue when a group of kids stopped us. 

    "hey you niggers!" a young little white boy said to us. “give us your shit!” he demanded.

    we looked at them like they were crazy. they were crazy. an older white girl and another little girl around the age of the boy were standing in front of us. they had on old raggedy clothes. it looked like they were cold. the little boy didn’t have a coat on. the older girls hair was dark and greasy looking. the little girl was very thin and she was missing teeth so she was very much younger than us. 

    the little boy grabs my best friends bag of goodies. she fights back. the older girl pushed me down. then the group swarm us. they were so hungry and mean that regardless if we could have beat them up, we were terrified. somehow I got her bag of snacks back. but then they pulled out the big guns. all i remember was the little girl snatching my bags. the boy picked up a big slab of ice on the ground. he flung that slice of ice directly at my best friends dome. she was rocked! i ran to her aid. they ran off with our snacks yelling the n word and laughing. we layed there on the cold cement crying. 

    but it doesn’t stop there. after being pummeled by the young trailer park gang we got up and went running for help. we threw ourselves back into the store yelling at the clerks.

    "help we’ve been robbed and jumped!"

    i don’t really remember much of what the clerks told us. we told them what happened in detail and when they would not call the cops for us we left in a hurry. out of breath we collapsed into the little brass shop. they sold antiques and was across the parking. the owner came to see what the commotion was about and we began to plea.

    "we need help, we got assaulted and robbed." i told him firmly.

    he let us have a seat. he comforted my best friend since she was hurt the most. i told him everything that happened in great detail. he, like the clerks at the store would not call the cops to report the crime.

    "its a cold cold world girls.” he said. 

  10. heart beats one hundred beats per minute.